Hard Landscaping - Construction

Hard landscaping is a term to describe the construction elements of your garden that improve the design and usage. Hard landscaping is the “bones”, “frame” or “infrastructure” of your garden, a bit like a bespoke frame around a beautiful planting picture.

A wide range of materials can be used, such as brick, gravel, rock or stone, concrete, timber, glass and metals. In fact our imaginations and ideas are the only limitation.

eGarden Building

Using a material, or in most cases, a combination of materials, many structures are created such as patios, terraces, decks, paths, steps, gates, walls, raised beds, fences, pergolas, garden buildings and furniture. We have experience building all of these to a high standard. We have even made bespoke children’s’ furniture and bird and bug boxes for clients. We are just awaiting our first bat box commission.