Wildlife Friendly & Organic Gardening

All of our work has the client’s needs as Number 1 priority. In the background, however, we are also here for Britain’s wildlife and environment as we are passionate about flora, fauna and ecology. Behind the scenes Big Leaf has an involvement with a local wildlife charity (Cam Valley Wildlife Group), Hawk and Owl Trust (HOT), Butterfly Conservation and recently the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We also help with breeding bird surveys for the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology. This all comes from a genuine, honest lifelong love of the outdoors. If required we are happy to advise, install and even make bird and bug boxes and give all kinds of general advice about encouraging abundance in your garden.

photo of building across from our office

We are aware that gardens need to work functionally as suitable spaces for people of all ages and sometimes their pets – this is one more reason why we are keen to avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals. In your garden we would rather see the use of a little bit of cost-effective elbow grease and natural practices to get the best results. Our organic gardening techniques are measurable and exciting. We have even advised and implemented biological methods such as introducing ladybird larvae to control hedge-damaging Cypress aphids. There is nearly always another way...