Thoughtful, regular and knowledgeable maintenance of your garden means you can be assured of a beautiful setting for your home. With 3 levels of package - Standard (monthly visit), Plus (fortnightly visit) and Premier (weekly visit -) we are sure we can find an arrangement to suit. If not we will be happy to arrange a bespoke plan if needed. We will supply you with a Maintenance Agreement Plan so our progress with you will be measurable and you can see that what we have agreed to do for you is what we are actually doing. Seasons and the weather are there to bring the changes and our tasks follow their lead. There is plenty to do whatever the time of year, whether your setting is a tiny town house, an ostentatious orchard or a formidable farmhouse.


Lawn Cutting

A wise lady client of ours once said, “What is the point of grass? All it does is grow long and all we do is cut it short!” She said this with a humorous sparkle in her eye as she knew there is a little knowledge and experience involved in maintaining a beautiful lawn. Our range of professional-grade, Honda machinery takes some of the credit too. Technological advances mean higher standards of lawn care and a smarter finish to your garden. Our fleet of machines can even facilitate the option to have your lawn fed organically by mulching tiny particles of grass back into the soil without any unsightly thatch. And with high levels of eco-efficiency, lower noise levels and low carbon emissions, our conscience is at ease.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges, formal or informal, play an important role in the structure and character of a garden as well as having a variety of practical uses. The more formal your hedges are, the more care is involved. Careful attention to pruning is essential so do let us know if you need a maintenance plan implemented.

Tree and Plant Care

Start from the bottom and work up. Decent soil takes care of most of the work. We can supply large quantities of compost for your garden and the results will be evident. Our supplier is a colourful mushroom farmer who grows his crop in a series of dark caves in the Mendip Hills. That is a good enough story for us to tell, and his compost is simply magic for your garden. We can also supply a traditional, organic, potent liquid comfrey feed from our own patch for your flowering plants, fruit trees, vegetables and any plants that need a fast-acting health boost. Clothes peg is supplied, as this witches’ brew has a distinctive aroma.

We know what we are doing when it comes to looking after the majority of trees and plants in your garden, and will be happy to pass on our experience by caring for your favourite specimen shrubs, heirloom trees or those invading wild plants. We can make arrangements with local councils if your trees have Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and will carry out small scale tree surgery.

Winter care plans

Putting your garden to bed for the winter is an important step in looking after your garden. You want it to wake bright eyed and bushy tailed for the spring so you can enjoy the delights and surprises a healthy garden will provide for summer and the rest of the year. There is also a lot that can be done in preparation for the warmer times of the year: planting of bare-root fruit trees or roses for example; general repairs and cleaning of greenhouses and garden structures; hard landscaping (construction) and of course, work in your orchard.