Imaginative planting

We work with wholesale suppliers who can source plants locally and from the Continent. Our favourite Chelsea award-winning wholesaler has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and we trust our supplier to supply plants and trees of outstanding quality. The extensive planting knowledge and experience that Big Leaf offers means that we can supply plants that will be suitable, whatever the soil type or aspect. We can improve your soil to help your plants thrive too, including bulk compost delivery. We help set up and maintain seasonal planting like annuals, bulbs, shrubs and trees. From mixed borders to ornamental shrubs, vegetable beds and fruit growing, Big Leaf can help.

Garden Bench Chickens Chickens Chickens

Edible Gardening

This is a passion that blurs the boundaries of our “work and play”. Apart from being fashionable, no other form of gardening can be as rewarding. What you grow is what you eat or give to neighbours and family as the most special gift they can receive. What we learn and experiment with on our patch is what we can implement into your garden: Decorative planters for herbs and vegetables or cordons and espaliers of fruit for the kitchen and those groaning picnic baskets you heave out of the car on a summer’s day.

Chickens in the Back Garden

Nothing beats a genuinely fresh egg on a slice of buttered toast. Perhaps you have a friend who gives you half a dozen of these ethereal little wonders once in a while. But have you considered having your own poultry?

We are very keen chicken keepers here at home and love wittering on about the joys of our birds. The compost we make as a convenient by-product is better quality than you can buy in shops and garden centres, and as a result so are our home-grown vegetables, fruit and flowers. Our birds are heritage and rare breed chooks from Chile, Belgium, America, France and Britain. A veritable United Nations of hens, you might say. We can set you up with runs, coops and even recommend an exceptional supplier in the heart of Somerset. If need be, we can even bring your chickens home to roost.


Many years ago, after I finished my degree in East Anglia, I began my practical horticultural experience working for a family- run nursery and turf growing business. Genuine people of the soil and dear friends, the Payne family, put me to work learning the trials and tribulations of working in a nursery and laying turf. LOTS of it. As turf growers and suppliers they were passionate about the lawns they laid. That experience, and the years since, have gifted me specialist skills and the know-how to make your lawn beautiful, low maintenance and economical. I can supply turf suitable for general purpose, play lawns or shady, difficult areas. We proudly supply a rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) which is not only shade tolerant, but drought resistant too. You will consider this clever stuff if you are the one shoving a mower round on a sunny Saturday.